In the begining God created the heavens and the earth. Some places on earth are just areas of natural beauty and splendour.  A  place where  nature  and paradise  walk hand in hand, is a place in the Caribbean called "St Lucia"   

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Reduit Beach 2010
Having fun at Reduit beach
Rodney Bay Homes

 Rodney Bay, a place where dreams and reality cross paths


Rodney bay is situated in the north west of the small beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia.
It is the area of the tourist activity, althought it is situated the other end of the island to the international airport.
It is home to the  beautiful Reduit beach, which is lined with some stunning local hotels and bars.
There is also the Rodney bay village which is a mixed residential and commercial area, where you will find nice residences
and a variety of restaurants and bars to cater for most needs. This area is also home to the famous lime restaurant.  
IGY, Inter Global Yachting has just extended the Rodney bay marina to make it a truely exceptional yachting facility for the boating crew,
 and admireres alike.  About a mile north of Rodney Bay is Gros Islet village wher the famous friday night jump up takes place,
 and further along the route is the famous Pigeon Island beach and facilities. A branch of Sandals can also be found there.
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Reduit Beach, a place to relax or play

All your favourite soca tunes
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                                                            St Lucia here we come !!!!      book your flght here with Virgin Atlantic


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